See More Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies Breakfast Bars Breakfast Cookies Breakfast Ideas Breakfast Recipes Breakfast On The Go Pumpkin Breakfast Healthy Cookies Healthy Biscuits Healthy Bars Forward Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies drive home the fall flavor with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.Step-by-Step. 1 Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Grease. 4 Blend the oatmeal, brown sugar,.I had a cup of so of leftover mashed sweet potatoes that was a reminder to me.

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As parents we either have a hectic morning running out the door rushing to work or school or wherever.My five grandchildren think these are a delicious treat. —Christine Johnson, Ricetown, Kentucky.These sweet and savory egg muffins have maple syrup, sweet potato noodles and bacon.

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This cookie recipe will satisfy a dessert craving using a secret sweet ingredient — baked sweet potato.

They are GF, refined sugar-free See More Coconut Cream Pie Chia Overnight Oats Smoothies With Coconut Milk Coconut Milk Desserts Recipes With Coconut Milk Coconut Cream Pies High Protein Vegan Recipes High Protein Desserts High Protein Meals Healthy Morning Breakfast High Protein Breakfast Forward Coconut Cream Pie Chia Replace sweetened coconut with unsweetened.These Streusel Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins are perfect for breakfast or a snack.Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Muffins. by Paige- My Modern Cookery.

You will be amazed by these Vegan Gluten-free Sweet Potato Cinnamon muffins with Sweet Potato Caramel.

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Spicy whole wheat sweet potato muffins, great for breakfast or a snack, have a crunchy almond-oat topping.Oatmeal sweet potato muffin- These muffins turned out great, and I will definitely be making them again.So, when Candace saw all the frozen sweet potatoes in her freezer, she sent me a recipe for Mama and I to make Streusel Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins.

These Sweet Potato Muffins are wonderful with coffee or a glass of milk as a snack.Topped off with an oatmeal cookie crust!.

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Your oatmeal muffins. with your raspberry baked oatmeal and actually made a Sweet Potato and Apple version.We bake these Sweet Potato Muffins with an Oatmeal Crumble Top anytime there is an extra sweet potato after dinner.

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Stir in sweet potatoes, brown sugar, oil, milk, egg and vanilla, just until well moistened.

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Indulge in the best flavors of fall with this vegan, gluten-free muffin recipe.Combine remaining ingredients and sprinkle on top, pressing tightly.

Super moist vegan muffins with sweet potato puree and a spoonful of salted almond butter in every bite.

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This is a hearty muffin that goes well with a spread like whipped cream cheese.The sweet potato and spices give it a pleasant flavor that makes it a great snack or.Gluten free sweet potato muffins are perfect for the fall and winter.A unique recipe discovery site curated by registered dietitians helping you find the best healthy food blog recipes - including gluten free, vegan and more.