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As Krieger reasoned, Burbn became too similar to Foursquare , and both realized that it had gone too far. Burbn was then pivoted to become more focused on photo-sharing. However, the website interface was limited in functionality, with notable omissions including the lack of a search bar, a news feed, and the ability to upload photos. The first, introduced in March , cut the size of the app by half and added significant improvements to performance and responsiveness on a wide variety of Android devices. In March , Instagram started testing switching the technology to using Facebook Places. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share.

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Andrew England Founder and CEO Our entrepreneurial team captain has been methodically building a skill-base across a range of industries ahead of the launch of this exciting project. His experience includes a range of jobs across the finance and banking industries prior to the creation of start-up entities in the energy and technology industries. Andrew was an early adoptor in the world of cryptocurrency, dating to the earliest days of Bitcoin. Mike England Operations Manager Building is a common theme in the employment history of this respected NZ businessman.

After many years in the construction industry, he turned his focus to studies in law before a career in finance. This remains an area of passion after he played a pivotal role in helping his hometown of Christchurch rebuild after the devastating earthquake of

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The internet is the key to a new world, full of exciting opportunities, including the ability to be anywhere with anyone — as well as to be anyone. On the one hand, it gives individuals the unique opportunity to start from scratch, regardless of their past or present, and express themselves without fear of persecution. On the other hand, individuals can exploit this ability to perpetuate their criminal or malicious activities.

And when it comes to establishing a long-lasting relationship, anonymity is the last thing anybody wants. The internet is full of cautionary tales about the dangers of meeting strangers; some disappointing and others shocking. Naturally, these stories and experiences have deterred people from forming deep and meaningful relationships, preferring superficial and perfunctory exchanges for the sake of their own safety.

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A gunman has opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas, leaving at least 50 people dead and more than injured. The suspect is believed to have checked in as a hotel guest before the attack, the Associated Press reported. Lombardo said that the shooter had more than 10 guns in his hotel room, where he shot down at civilians. He killed himself before police entered his room.

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Telegram hit the headlines when it was revealed the Paris attackers who killed people in November had used the app. Indonesian Police Chief Tito Karnavian said there were 17 cases in Indonesia where terrorists had used Telegram, including the Starbucks bombing in Central Jakarta in , that led to the death of eight people including four civilians. Ms Nuraniyah said the use of the internet by extremists was nothing new, with Imam Samudra, one of the perpetrators of the first Bali bombing in , a champion of online jihad.

Twitter and Facebook had taken down the accounts of thousands of extremists since and the Indonesian government had banned dozens of jihadi websites, which had led to a shift to private chat apps such as Kik, Surespot and Telegram. Telegram, in particular, had become a favourite for IS supporters, because its founders, the Durov brothers, had defied the Russian government’s request to hand over any data. Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian who joined Islamic State in Syria in late , has become an infamous example of someone who used the app, teaching his Telegram disciples how to make car bombs and hack credit cards.

Ms Nuraniyah said Telegram had an image of a “scary platform” because it was the “Bahrun Naim kind of plotting” that made the news, when her research suggested it was generally used more for gossiping than plotting. But the bad news, she says, is that social media does enable extremists to expand their networks and resources more cheaply and faster than in the past.

The Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict studied a group of between 50 and radicalised Indonesian maids in Hong Kong, who forged relationships through Telegram and helped internationalise local extremist networks. Ms Nuraniyah says they developed ties to jihadist groups and clerics in Indonesia, some of whom came to Hong Kong to give sermons and collect donations.

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Updated 24th October Human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent. Some people are more active, while others are less so! However, people have always been looking for ways to connect and network with each other. And, in this age of digitisation, people have found ways to be socially active on the internet, which is possible with the advent of the numerous social networking platforms and apps.

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Unmuted chats are always up to date. Shows the number of unmuted chats with unread messages can be adjusted in Settings. Scroll up to see the message date. Tap this date to go to the first message of the day. Also, all of the old bugs are gone forever. We may have added some shiny new bugs in the process — will make sure they are quickly fixed. New in version 4.


By Yi Shu Ng The government blocked Telegram on the web last Friday , threatening to block the app after, if the company did not address illegal content on it. In response, Telegram said on Sunday it would put together a team of moderators to actively remove “terrorist-related content. The company has built its name on its end-to-end encryption, making it easier for groups to share information anonymously.

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While President Rouhani had mentioned that its government is against blocking internet services, it seems that they have reached to a point to actually take a different approach towards this app. A few years ago maybe no one would have thought that Iranians would become this much dependent on their smartphones just because of a messaging app. Today, this amount of attachment and centralization of users to one specific app that does not obey the Iranian laws has alerted Iranian authorities to find a solution in order to scatter the crowd.

Many Iranian Telegram channels and bots have brought considerable amount of revenue for their creators. But why would the Iranian authorities see this app as a threat to the security of the country while it has helped to reduce the un 1. Instead of surfing the web, Iranians rather receive and spread the news via Telegram. But Telegram has become an easy-to-use media for the majority of people.

While most of the senders and the receivers are inside the country, Iran is paying hefty budgets for transferring this bandwidth outside and again into the country.

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