Most Japanese people already struggle enough with their English. Even other European languages are more popular e. But, of course there are a few options for teaching German in Japan and I want to introduce them to you today. Before we start let me tell you that most of these options require you to have a native level of German, a university degree, a DAF German as a foreign language qualification or even a teaching qualification German: This is pretty much your best option when you want to teach English as an ALT assistant language teacher in Japan. It also exists in Germany. One is in Kobe , the other, bigger one is in Yokohama. You need to have a university degree just like for teaching English , but it has to be a teaching degree German: The requirements might be less strict for a part-time job, but generally the competition is HUGE as there are only a few positions available every now and then.

Okinawa Travel Guide: Top 10 Things to Do in Okinawa Japan

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Kadena Air Base on the Japanese Island of Okinawa has important historic sites from the Ryukyu Kingdom and WWII. On display are 7 authentic Japanese Katana’s or ‘samurai swords’ dating back four periods of Japanese History. Find this Pin and more on Okinawa by Susie Salazar.

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Okinawa: A Marine Adventure: Nakamurake Old House (Nakamura House)

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Click to print Opens in new window Four hundred miles to the south of Japan is the island of Okinawa — the largest of the string of islands known as the Ryukyu Archipelago. Today the archipelago is warmer than mainland Japan: Despite this idyll, to many in the West, Okinawa conjures up terrifying images of World War II battlefields before its subjugation by the Americans, who used it as a stepping stone for the conquest of Japan itself.

Today, Ryukyu is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. However, it is only miles from both Taiwan and mainland China. How far has Ryuku always been part of Japan? Or are there cultural influences from China or Taiwan?

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Okinawa was the Japanese word identifying the islands, first seen in the biography of Jianzhen , written in Also during this period, many Gusukus , similar to castles, were constructed. The Ryukyu Kingdom entered into the Imperial Chinese tributary system under the Ming dynasty beginning in the 15th century, which established economic relations between the two nations.

In , the Shimazu clan , which controlled the region that is now Kagoshima Prefecture , invaded the Ryukyu Kingdom. The Ryukyu Kingdom was obliged to agree to form a suzerain-vassal relationship with the Satsuma and the Tokugawa shogunate , while maintaining its previous role within the Chinese tributary system; Ryukyuan sovereignty was maintained since complete annexation would have created a conflict with China.

The Satsuma clan earned considerable profits from trade with China during a period in which foreign trade was heavily restricted by the shogunate.

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As a result, it is said, they were defenseless and developed a fighting system around their traditional farming implements. It is true that Okinawans, under the rule of foreign powers, were prohibited from carrying weapons or practicing with them in public. The techniques of the two arts are closely related in some styles, evidenced by the empty-hand and weapon variants of certain kata: The footwork in both methods is interchangeable.

They do not include all those from the Matayoshi, Uhuchiku and Yamanni streams however. The bo was also possibly used as the handle to a rake or a shovel. The bo is considered the ‘king’ of the Okinawa weapons, as all others exploit its weaknesses in fighting it, whereas when it is fighting them it is using its strengths against them. The bo is the earliest of all Okinawan weapons and effectively one of the earliest of all weapons in the form of a basic staff , and is traditionally made from red or white oak.

The sai appears similar to a short sword, but is not bladed and the end is traditionally blunt. The weapon is metal and of the truncheon class with its length dependent upon the forearm of the user.

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