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Blog Flags at half mast! The Post Office clock chimes 11am, and everywhere comes to a standstill to ‘remember’ on Remembrance Day, Sydney, Australia, November Some made the ultimate sacrifice, and for them, time stopped not just for 2 minutes but forever. Remembering Heroes in Time: I am the witness of every action, the chronicler of every second that the war ticks on… I am, in this way, the indispensable, the always-to-be-reckoned-with. I am the wrist watch. Please have a look at our news page for details. During these special centenary years of the Great War, this site will continue to evolve and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The intention is not to simply strive to create an exhaustive list, or inventory of military watches, but to record and commemorate the sacrifices, achievements and memories of those who served and those currently serving by exhibiting a picture of their timepiece – along with their distinct, often unique story – in this archive and series of books.

Which Of The Edward Preston & Sons Planes Made It Into The Record Lineup

Translated from the first Latin edition of American Society for Metals. Volume 2, 8th Ed. Tools and Trades of America’s Past: The Mercer Museum collection. Books on early tools, trades and technology.

Stanley Edward Lane-Poole ( – ) was a British archaeologist and orientalist. Many antiquarian texts such as this – especially those dating back to the s and before – /5(3).

The most surprising, and least known, was an effort to resurrect the Mk13 anti-ship torpedo that nearly made it to use. Argentine IA Pucara attack plane with a Mk13 in The concept of warplanes dropping torpedoes is an American innovation dating back to The first ever successful use came on 12 August , when a British seaplane sank an Ottoman ship with a torpedo.

The concept gained prominence during the s and s. Tactics were simple and limited by the weapon itself: If the straight-running torpedo was dropped too fast, or from too high, it would be destroyed upon impact.

Moment RAF Typhoons intercepted Russian MiG planes heading for Nato exercise Online

The Suez Canal was opened in , after ten years of work financed by the French and Egyptian governments. The canal instantly became strategically important, as it provided the shortest ocean link between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. The canal eased commerce for trading nations and particularly helped European colonial powers to gain and govern their colonies.

Results: Types and Your Stanley Bailey handplane with zero patent dates behind the handplane frog is either type 1 through 8 or type 15 through 20 Results: Types and Your Stanley Bailey handplane with zero patent dates behind the handplane frog is .

Share this article Share ‘Don’t tell me he’s going to hear about it, it’s very unlikely. Knowing Boris he may never find out. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is pictured arriving at Downing Street, London, this morning I’m A Celebrity bosses hope that Mr Johnson pictured, leaving Brisbane Airport today will provoke political debate in the jungle camp Charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 38, is said to be ‘on the verge of a nervous breakdown’ after suffering horrific conditions in a prison in Tehran.

Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was born in the Iranian capital, was visiting family when she was arrested and jailed for five years after being accused of spying against the Government. MPs, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, have demanded the Foreign Secretary resign for suggesting last week she was visiting the ultra conservative Muslim nation to train journalists — comments which could lead to her jail sentence being increased.

He looked a solemn figure as he attended a foreign affairs meeting at the European Council in Brussels today. In the run-up to the referendum, Mr Johnson, also father to Tory MP Jo, repeatedly attacked the foreign secretary’s stance on Brexit, saying staying in the bloc was crucial for stopping climate change. But he later backed leave after claiming a recent speech by the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker convinced him the EU was moving ‘at an ever-increasing speed in a direction we really don’t want to go’.

Stanley Bench Planes

On Wednesday, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former head of Yukos Oil was sentenced to 14 years in prison for embezzling and money laundering. Khodorkovsky will stay in prison where he belongs. But the oil oligarch thought Putin was weak, so he strengthened his contacts in Washington and dumped money into parliamentary elections. He unwisely assumed that he could defy Putin and extend his tentacles into politics following the model of corporate control he saw in the United States, where the courts, the congress, the White House and the media are all in the pocket of big business.

Only he misjudged Putin and ended up in the hoosegow. According to the Wall Street Journal:

vintage Stanley planes and handtools. Stanley Tools Tools – JUST IN NEW IN – Stanley routers, plough planes, bench planes.. Tools – JUST IN Low angled no. 60 ½ block plane with adjustable mouth made in England by Stanley. Retains a good length Stanley cutter. Condition: please see photos for condition. Full Product Details. View all.

How to Determine the Age of a Stanley Plane Gabrielle Black Updated February 21, Stanley has been creating tools such as the bench plane since , and it can be difficult to date an antique tool if you don’t know where to look, according to the Stanley Company. There are twenty types of Stanley planes dating back to Each type has subtle differences that distinguish it from the other types, such as variations in parts and different marks cast into the metal like the plane size number or patent numbers or dates.

Familiarise yourself with the names of the various parts of the tool using a Stanley diagram see Reference 3. Locate the bed of the plane behind the frog. Note whether you see any patent dates cast into the bed and if so, how many. Examine the plane to see if there is a raised ring meant to be a receiver for the knob cast into the bed. If you noted one patent date and no raised ring, your plane is Type 13 and dates between and If you noted one patent date and there is a raised ring, your plane is Type 14 and dates between and If you noted zero patent dates and there is a raised ring, you have a plane of Type 15 to If you noted zero patent dates and there is no raised ring, you have a plane Type 1 to 8.

Note the colour of the plane. If you have Type 15 to 20, and it is painted blue, then your plane has been narrowed down to Type 20 and dates between and Determine if the plane has a raised, broad, and flat rib casting at the toe and heel.

Dating english stanley planes

All I could see were a bunch of odd lumps of wood and some steel. This was years before both the Internet and modern toolmakers made this form of tool a common sight in workshops again. Like Lampert, I preferred the planes made by Spiers of Ayr over the other makers.

Three planes, the No. Bull-Nose and Shoulder Rabbet Plane and the No. and No. S Side Rabbet Planes, managed to retain their original Preston product number, whereas the other patterns inherited new product numbers in their move to Record Planes.

If you’re holding the plane I look for these quick tests: By the way, if you see THREE adjusting screws back there on a Stanley plane, you’ve got a Bedrock plane, and, if the price and condition are good, you should probably oughta grab onto it. Don’t know – never been this lucky. Things aren’t bent or broken, no major rust.

Surface rust fine, rust to the point that things won’t turn, best to walk on by. People are down on the “made in England” planes – well, fine, but my No. I’ve also got a late not sure of age, but it’s got the dreaded kidney-hole lever cap No. So the later stuff may be OK in many cases, but, as others have said, quality can be erratic; and, until you have more of an idea of what you’re looking for, determining quality from observation can be hard.

Watch for “Wards Master” planes there’ll be a decal on the tote – these are unrecognized gems made by one of the good makers and labeled for Wards, with, in my experience, very good steel on the cutting iron. Lateral adjustment levers not the best, but otherwise good tools. Because they’re not collectible, they’re usually cheap. When you’re starting out, if you’re buying used, you should either touch the plane or use one of the trustworthy dealers.

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Well I brought it home, and on the way I called in at my friend Rob’s place to share the joy. He is a furniture maker and restorer, and a good one. He put an instant age on it from the types of wood used in the veneer – Almost all the tools are stamped with the owner’s mark A. McIntyre, a good Scottish name.

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The war began with the invasion of the Ethiopian Empire also known as Abyssinia by the armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy Regno d’Italia , which was launched from Italian Somaliland and Eritrea. Both Italy and Ethiopia were member nations, but the League did little when the former clearly violated Article X of the League’s Covenant.

Spanish Civil War The bombing of Guernica in , during the Spanish Civil War , sparked fears abroad Europe that the next war would be based on bombing of cities with very high civilian casualties When civil war broke out in Spain, Hitler and Mussolini lent military support to the Nationalist rebels , led by General Francisco Franco. The Soviet Union supported the existing government, the Spanish Republic. Over 30, foreign volunteers, known as the International Brigades , also fought against the Nationalists.

Both Germany and the Soviet Union used this proxy war as an opportunity to test in combat their most advanced weapons and tactics. The Nationalists won the civil war in April ; Franco, now dictator, remained officially neutral during World War II but generally favoured the Axis. The Japanese continued to push the Chinese forces back, capturing the capital Nanking in December After the fall of Nanking, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians and disarmed combatants were murdered by the Japanese.

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Travolta married actress Kelly Preston in , and bought a house in Islesboro, Maine. Their daughter, Ella Bleu, was born in and a third child, a son named Benjamin, was born in in Florida. In the article, former Church of Scientology Executive Director William Franks alleged that Travolta was wary of leaving the faith because he feared the Church would publish detailed revelations of his private life, to include homosexual behavior. Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief , and former Church official Marty Rathbun claimed that he worked with Travolta’s attorneys several times to keep allegations about Travolta’s homosexuality out of the press and resolve lawsuits against the star.

Jan 26,  · Stanley discontinued production in , tool and bits, but there are third party bits still being made. Spear & Jackson in the UK under the brand name Spiralux, Schroeder in Germany and another in Japan (maker unknown).

The Argentine foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that it was “concerned” about six flights last year and 12 in by the Royal Air Force. The ministry said it requested an explanation from Brazil’s government, reminding it of that country’s commitment “to not allow British airplanes or warships based in the disputed archipelago” in accordance with agreements among member nations of the regional blocs Mercosur the southern common market and Unasur the union of South American nations.

Brazil’s foreign ministry had no immediate comment. The Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The dispute stems from the Falklands War of Profile Mauricio Macri In the biggest breakthrough in decades, Britain and Argentina announced last year that they would work to remove restrictions in the oil, fishing and shipping industries affecting the Falklands.