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Being at least a little familiar with both titles we initially thought that with the Tom Clancy: Spoilers; we were wrong. Both games are free to play, both games generally revolve around micro-transactions as the main form of their business model, though Warface has a number of different publishers that do their own thing with the title whereas Phantoms is published through the Uplay store and also offers a subscription element. For their main platforms they are now exclusive to Windows, though for a while Warface was available on Xbox and, as of writing this article, registration has been closed and the game will shut down in February ; in contrast Phantoms is said to be coming to the WiiU, but no one really knows when. Primarily the classes offer up different gear, which in turn will kind of predetermined the types of tactics and strategy and overall gameplay your experience with each of them, though Warface also gives each class its own unique ability though to be fair this could easily be seen as extra gear option in comparison. Weapons are pretty much fully modifiable for both games, utilising a variety of attachments from scopes, barrels, stocks, etc. They handle item degradation differently, Warface having ongoing degradation for all items and players must spend currency to repair them, whereas Phantoms simply offers armour degradation in the form of Armour Inserts that can be added to give buffs and bonuses but do take damage over time. Phantoms does focus on more drawn out battles in comparison to Warface, and the team PVP does feel a lot tighter, however the minimal amounts of game options is quite disappointing for such a title.

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Facing an almighty enemy in a massive and hostile environment, the Ghosts will need to make critical moral choices and engage in tough battles to complete their mission — their grittiest and most dangerous operation to date. Bolivia, a few years from now: The influential and vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel has turned the country into a narco-state, leading to lawlessness, fear, injustice, and violence.

In Ghost Recon Online you can play as 3 different classes of soldier – Assault, Specialist or Recon. Each of these classes can deploy unique offensive and squad support capabilities which can be used to gain the upper hand against your enemies during a match.

Ammunition posted at Aug 31, 1: With Ghost Recon’s gameplay of having skills, abilities, a cover and level up system I have finally manage to play one match consisting of two rounds 15min long without having any deaths. With great tactics and smart gameplay I have rushed into enemy lines to score multiple kills. This is important to have a rewarding game because you would feel great breaking enemy lines rather than just picking off random players.

I wished that I have done a video, but hopefully this blog post will sum everything up. For this game I was an assault equipped with the shield and mk II no other attachments so I had no chance to equip a sniper. Also by having Magnum rounds it is a great help as ammo may be limited in the battlefield. Our team captured all of the points with reasonable resistance as we are taking out players one after another. With enemy players having their backs up against the wall our team took advantage as we out flank and out skilled our enemies.

With patients and great judgement, enemy players were playing more passive waiting for the enemy and action to come. By doing so, the team was more closely grouped together causing grenades to become a deadly factor.

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The game has left the beta phase and will be released April In a press release sent to VG , publisher Ubisoft confirmed the name change and added that the new game will feature updated visuals and will implement a number community feedback that was collected during the beta. Ghost Recon Phantoms brings a narrative layer to the game based around The Phantoms, ex-Ghosts and current adversaries who left The Ghosts to pursue personal agendas.

Of course, no accounts will be wiped, and our current players will not have to start over. Updated Characters and Maps: Major Changes in Matchmaking and Customization:

GamePron News: This week sees the Australian Government asking to hear from you on the topic of video games. We got our first look at some Modern Warfare 3 gameplay, while we were teased by a mysterious countdown from the past that wasn’t quite what .

Gameplay[ edit ] Wildlands features a wide range of environments, which include mountains and deserts, and players will be able to parachute while exploring these. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical shooter game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective with an optional first person view for gun aiming. As a result, the equipment featured in the game is based on weapons and gear commonly used by military forces around the world.

These drones have limited abilities until upgraded. A variety of vehicles, such as dirt bikes, helicopters and dune buggies are featured in the game. Players can parachute from a helicopter, walk overland, or drive towards their objectives. The game also features outposts that can be taken down by players. Weapons and gear can be upgraded as well.

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After extensive alpha and beta tests, Ubisoft has just rolled out Ghost Recon Phantoms, formerly known as Ghost Recon Online, onto the PC platform via Steam, bringing all sorts of big changes over the previous versions. Ghost Recon Online was presented as an online shooter grounded within Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon universe, filled with all sorts of high-tech gadgets and weapons that change the traditional shooter encounters within in.

This overhauled version of the title introduces all sorts of major changes, from a fresh backstory for the whole conflict, to a better matchmaking system, a new user interface, or improved graphics. Players are treated to better weapons and more customization options for their guns via a new personalization system.

Dec 10,  · Ghost Recon Online is the kind of game that will spend forever in beta. The developers appear to be writing their design document while developing the game, as opposed to having a solid base before starting. And I somehow doubt Nintendo will allow a beta game on its platform.

September 7, edited Online is alive, you can get most of the trophies playing conflict but it’s a slow process. Between the shit matchmaking, the pro players, and the cheats which are both very hard to tell the difference between the MP sucks. I’ve only been playing MP for a few days and know this will take awhile. But I’ll get most of the trophies before I’ll get 8 reliable people in a boosting session.

But the domination trophies need to be boosted, the 10 killstreak one, and play 5 MP games of each game type, since conflict is the only mode that is played, though I will try the 10 killstreak one on my own, I’ve gotten a 5 so far. Other than that the rest can be obtained legit. I hate conflict with a passion bc most of the time the shit team you get put on treats it as a TDM, they’ll sit by the objective for 5 minutes and not one will secure it.

When someone like me finally does they all scatter like roaches and I get slaughtered. Where I would give some of these pros credit, I can’t just simply bc of the matchmaking. I’m sure they won’t go against opponents of their own level.

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O is almost completely reliant on tactical game-play, teamwork, and unit-cohesion to win games. Currently in open beta at the time of this review, Ubisoft is doing a fantastic job moving Ghost Recon: Online in the correct direction.

While the story campaign of ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ can be played cooperatively online with four players, fans can also enjoy local split screen co-op play with the game’s new Guerrilla.

Ghost Recon Online Game: Ghost Recon Online Posted on Dec 05, 9: With the cover system being the main feature of the game, along with special abilities for the three different class it is no wonder why players claim that it is too difficult. Difficult in a sense that this game takes a bit more strategy, skill and especially patience compared to the generic run and gun shooters. In Call of Duty, players run and gun all the time with no sense of hesitation, but being ghost recon is a bit different, running and gunning will get you killed unless your a recon that has cloak.

The cover system is what I think makes this game so difficult, it is either players learn to adapt to a new game setting, or players learn to quit a game so soon. But other than the games mechanics, the level up system is what I also truly see frustrating players. I do agree with the fact that higher level players shouldn’t have a major advantage over lower level players, but with time comes great opportunity. I know it is difficult versing players who have a higher level weapon which often is considered better than the lower level weapons , with better armor, devices and a major experience gap but that just means it is more difficult to kill them.

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The game officially ended on December 1, Gameplay Ghost Recon Phantoms has three classes: Assault, Recon, and Support. It has a team-based gameplay, so each of these classes synergizes with one another. The Assault is played as a suppressor that can charge its way in, the Recon can outflank enemies using a cloak device or snipe by using a scanning device, and the Support can manipulate the battlefield by generating an electronic shield or causing a temporary blackout.

After the great success of the first Ghost Recon Online Test Cup, the ESL Staff proudly announce the return of the title in our New Games Portal and we’ll let you join in the second Test Cup.

Pick from 3 different Classes of Ghosts to meet the tactical challenges of each battle — Lead the attack, go stealthy or provide fire support to the squad, the choice is in your hands! Develop, evolve and customize your persistent Ghost character as you advance through Ghost Recon Online. Players can enhance their game experience by using either in-game points or real currency to purchase and equip their Ghosts with weapons, gear and other boosts.

In fact, they are great modes and really capture the essence of what GRO is going for. Well not only is it a thing, but they will be released on April Matt Buckley – January 21, New methods are regularly being devised to provide independent game developers with the funds needed to realize their dreams.


In a shooter the player must have a very fast reaction time. Usually there is a weapon held out in front of the player that is used to target other players or enemies. They can be either single player or multiplayer.

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Ghosts is an extraordinary step forward for one of the largest entertainment franchises of all-time. A New Call of Duty Universe: For the first time in franchise history, players will take on the underdog role with Call of Duty: Ghosts; outnumbered and outgunned, players must fight to reclaim a fallen nation in an intensely personal narrative. Create-a-Soldier — In Call of Duty: With 20, possible combinations, this is the most flexible and comprehensive character customization in Call of Duty history.

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Collector’s Pack Assault Released 6 Jun Add to your collection of weapons, tactical suits and avatars for the Assault class from three popular Ubisoft crossovers: Collector’s Pack Recon Released 6 Jun Add to your collection of weapons, tactical suits and avatars for the Recon class from three popular Ubisoft crossovers: Collector’s Pack Support Released 6 Jun Add to your collection of weapons, tactical suits and avatars for the Support class from three popular Ubisoft crossovers: Pimp out your arsenal with gold-plated shotguns, assault rifles and pistols for your Assault class.

Pimp out your arsenal with gold-plated sniper rifles, SMGs and pistols for your Recon class.

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the very first military shooter in a massive, dangerous, and responsive open world that you can play entirely solo or in four-player co-op. Facing an almighty enemy in a massive and hostile environment, the Ghosts will need to make critical moral choices and [ ].

I will start with saying that this game is worth buying, in fact I have purchased this game twice once for console, sold console. Initially when I played this game, it had severe problems, particularly surrounding its online play and if you wanted to PVE. Match making was janky, lagging ran rampant and the online community over all was a disaster.

However the story was compelling enough to draw me in. I played this game on console for a bit but considering what I mentioned above in addition to my growing fondness for the games main protagonist, I shelved the game. That is until recently where I decided to pick the game up again and give it a go. To my surprise, the dev team at Ubisoft were hard at work updating the game in attempts to rid it of design flaws at launch.

Sure enough the online community returned, and were gungho to take down the cartel. Something I must say is this game is best presented in the 4K format, to truly experience the work that went into making an open world. With that said I will start off on one of this games main selling points: Graphics, Wildlands boasts some of the best graphics I have seen in a very long time.

The lighting from the sunlight and fire, the elements, the shadowing, character phsyics, even vehicles all were on point. Things were taking place on the map even in areas I was not in, random fires and flares were seen over the map very reminsant of GTA V.

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